12 days left for submissions to the Healthy Hearing contest.

Update- The contest has closed for submissions. We will be selecting the winner, thank you for your stories and for your support.

If you have an inspiring story about hearing loss then hurry up and submit your piece!

The submission cut off is February 11th, 2013.

Happy writing.


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2 comments on “12 days left for submissions to the Healthy Hearing contest.

  1. Verna Loper on said:

    I am 75 and have worn hearing aids for 15 years. As I age, my hearing gets worse. I still must work part time, but hearing is again getting worse, so will probably have to stop one of these days. My husband says I talk too softly for him to hear me, and I can feel myself losing touch and withdrawing again. I’m also missing out on conversations, my dogs and grandkids, and even the music I love. Seems to be no end in sight for this problem. Can I possibly be helped, affordably?

    • All of the newest technology usually costs more for the early adopters but as we’ve seen with electronics, the price almost always goes down with every new generation. I suggest going to the audiologist and asking what options are available and to test out different brands/models. That’s what I did myself before settling on Phonak.

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