Monthly Archives: October 2011

'The Hammer' spoiler-free review

‘The Hammer’ (formerly known as Hamill) Spoiler-free rant. This film was my favorite film at Newport Film Festival and it was also … Continue reading

Great short for the holiday season

It’s a little longer than the average short but worth it! Share! Tweet

Tree of Life vs. Melancholia

Tree of Life is poetry. Melancholia is painful to say the least. These two films were the front runners at this year’s … Continue reading

Groundbreaking gadgets to watch

Obviously some are more groundbreaking than others but they’re all cool regardless! Share! Tweet

Sick films

Here’s what I discovered recently…. enjoy. If you’ve seen any sick recent videos simply email with the link Share! Tweet

Will I be able to hear perfectly?

Apparently there’s been a breakthrough in hearing aid technology, some kind of implant that goes into your inner ear, enabling crystal clear … Continue reading

Avengers trailer actually looks sick.

This is what we’ve all been waiting for, the big gamble. Marvel cooked this film up in 2005 after getting a grant … Continue reading

DSLR education: Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO

DSLR education: Aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed.  When I first got my 5D mark II, I had to comb through a bunch … Continue reading

RIP Steve Jobs

He was the Willy Wonka of our generation. It’s incredible how far-reaching his influence was on the world, from the birth of … Continue reading