Monthly Archives: November 2011

My grandfather's legacy.

I’ve never gotten the honor to meet my dad’s dad. He passed away while my father was attending college. All I know … Continue reading

Scoping the sunset

Finally flew with the 60D on instead of the gopro. Wish I had more light but hey footage is footage. Share! Tweet

Attack the Block review

The premise sounded dumb coming out of my friend’s mouth. “It’s a movie about aliens that come and attack ghetto kids.” This … Continue reading

Peaking over Palm Springs

Been practicing on my quadcopter so all the shots were taken with the cheap gopro. I’m throwing on a real camera sometime this week … Continue reading

Alex Knost: Single Fins

I shot Alex surfing for two sessions in Newport Beach, CA and made this short video. Working on getting more footage of … Continue reading

Product Review: Shape Composite Rig

Fairfax reviews my beautiful Shape Composite rig. Seriously, I love this thing. We also shot this whole short on this rig Now … Continue reading

Maiden Voyage II

One year of work and half of my bank came diving towards the ground like a rock. Know how in horrific situations, … Continue reading

Cheap HDSLR monitor comparison. (Lilliput vs. Marshall)

***update the $165 deal was a black-friday only thing so looks like price is back at $200 for the Lilliput. Still a … Continue reading