Monthly Archives: December 2011

Warrior Review (best film of the year)

Warrior is the best sports movie I’ve ever seen and not just that but also the best film I’ve seen all year. … Continue reading

Teaser #1 from 'Sucker'

Here’s a 6 second preview of our upcoming short, due out at the end of January. Used Cinelook+Gorilla grain for the filimic … Continue reading

Duclos de-clicking (smooth aperture)

I got my three favorite lenses de-clicked over at Duclos. With the inception of HDSLRs lenses made for still photography work incredibly … Continue reading

Testing gorilla grain+cinelook plugin

I went and bought the plugin… LOVE it. I’ve been waiting so long for this kind of plugin, tried all of the … Continue reading

Free 35mm film grain plugin

Gorilla Grain has a free (actual) scan of 35mm film over on their site that you can download and apply to any … Continue reading

RED Scarlet footage

Looks like a few Scarlets are out in the wild now. Check it out and see what you think. Share! Tweet

Best commercial I've seen in a long time.

I dare you to top this. Share! Tweet

The most legit camera stabilizer I've seen.

Never heard of this until I saw this video but… wow. Can’t find more test/demo shots anywhere but LJ Lee will be … Continue reading