2012 Photography portfolio

I had a Canon 5D mark II but I only used it for making short films. All my featured photography has been shot on my Leitz Rs. The body itself was released in the early 80′s.

My weapon of choice.

Shooting on film is much more cumbersome than digital, rather than shoot a nearly unlimited amount I’m limited to 24 or 36 shot rolls. Sometimes a whole roll would be unusable, also it takes much longer to get the pictures digitalized as opposed to uploading them. Some places take weeks to finish a roll.

But despite all the shortcomings of shooting analog, I wouldn’t choose any other method because there’s a certain look that digital cannot replicate. The sharpness, latitude, and color always blow me away and I’ve never looked back after switching to film.

Without further ado, here are my selected favorite shots from 2012.


Raccoon Man


Kyle Sinnott.


William Evans

Tommy Biglow & Tessa Fe


Mat Vairo


Phil Peckham


Empire of Osaka.

Bats of Nashville.

York. York.

Please contact me if you would like to order any of the photographs as a canvas print. 

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