Monthly Archives: February 2012

Win money making spec commercials… new contests added weekly.

Ok, I really wish I knew about this website a long time ago but hey better late than never right? It’s quite … Continue reading

New Leica mount for RED cameras.

By large, Leica lens are considered the best SLR lenses for their legendary sharpness and color fidelity. It makes perfect sense to … Continue reading

World Happy Day (in a few hours)

In less than a hour it will be February 11th, the official world happy day. Yeah it’s my first time hearing about … Continue reading

The Canon 5d mark III has arrived but it’s by Nikon and called the D800

Remember that wishlist of specs you made for the Canon mark III? Dust it off because you’ll probably find most of those … Continue reading

VOD picks of the month

VOD picks of the month So I’ve spent the last month watching great and medicore movies on amazon instant. Here’s a list … Continue reading

Flying people and clever marketing.

I love adverting that not only raises the bar but also is a piece of art in itself. Here it’s more of … Continue reading