Monthly Archives: June 2012


I was invited to go to central america with alex a few months ago to film some surfing and make a web … Continue reading

Facebook steps on our toes again, by forcing all users to switch their email to the facebook email

Stuff like this makes me consider deleting my account and use google plus full time. We’re letting it happen so read up … Continue reading

DISH planning on giving the axe to Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, and even Mad Men!

UPDATE- They did it. DISH cancelled AMC. Thousands of fans mourn across the nation but I think that down the road this … Continue reading

Top videos of the week

Here’s the best stuff I saw this week. First up is a music video from Passion Pit. Pretty interesting mix of quadrocopter … Continue reading

22 storytelling tips from Pixar.

Pixar seems to be the only guys in town that understand the importance of story. Emma Coats tweeted her 22 tips on … Continue reading

“Here and Now” surf film trailer

Here and Now is a movie shot entirely in one day with 25 different surfers and filmmakers. The movie was produced by … Continue reading

Round up of the new laptops and mac ‘pro’ from Apple

Today at WWDC, Apple had the chance to redeem themselves in the eyes of professional editors. They simply sunk the knife deeper … Continue reading

Sethward and friends are back with a new skit.

If you faint at the sight of blood you should probably avoid this one, otherwise it’s hilarious and a wonderful addition to … Continue reading

Brand new Canon rebel T4i… is it worth it?

Just as Canon did several years ago, they’re releasing the newest rebel generation at the heels of the 5D line. The digic … Continue reading