Monthly Archives: July 2012

The perfect action/quadcopter camera?

I love my Canon mark 2 and gopro camera but it’s absolutely terrible as a quadcopter camera. The vibrations coupled with the … Continue reading

In depth review of the mammoth Sony F65

I wish I could get my hands on this camera… I rated it as the best camera on the market but not … Continue reading

First 5 minutes of Musgo.

This film was shot for under 5 grand on a camera that costs around $800… I was fortunate enough to interview the … Continue reading

Underwater Canon Sure Shot WP-1 32mm f3.5

Last month while in San Francisco I bought a canon sure shot WP-1 32mm f3.5 underwater film camera from a thrift store … Continue reading

A glimpse of the future…

Here’s a round up of my recent favorite TED talks that inspired/shocked/scared/moved me. The future is here, just wait and see. Share! … Continue reading

Quadcopter light show

I’ve used my quadcopter for fun and aerial cinematography but never for a stunning light show. Maybe it’s time to change my … Continue reading