Monthly Archives: September 2012

Soundtrack Contest

****Update**** The deadline has been extended to my birthday, Dec 5th. I’ve got a few composers that want to put on finishing … Continue reading

New forms of revenue for short films

We’re living in extremely exciting time as filmmakers. The last piece of the puzzle- self-distrubtion is now more accessible than ever. Vimeo … Continue reading

Brave flying

I know content has been slow these days, I’ve been wrapped up in several projects, but great things are coming… stay tuned. … Continue reading

Update #2- Pre-16th century music, live shows, dancing, and the sax.

The journey has only gotten crazier. My virgin ears have ¬†been under assault by everything from harmonic operas to screaming metal. The … Continue reading

My surf short nominated for innersection $10,000 filmmaker award (Taylor Bonin)

I’m stoked that my section of Jared Mell was nominated to be in the top 5! The video is of our week … Continue reading