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Jester Production update #1

So the kickstarter campaign was ‘unsuccessful’. I’m using quotes because I don’t see it as a failure as we were still able … Continue reading

Good reads.

Here’s a list of my favorite recent articles, enjoy. Interview with Larry Page, CEO of Google. How Russian scientists domesticated the fox. … Continue reading

My surf short nominated for innersection $10,000 filmmaker award (Taylor Bonin)

I’m stoked that my section of Jared Mell was nominated to be in the top 5! The video is of our week … Continue reading

When pigs or cats fly…

This is so wrong but also so hilarious. I don’t think I will be doing this to my own quadrocopter but I’m … Continue reading

Top Links #1

Keeping it simple and to the point. Camera that shoots 2k raw and priced at less than 4k. Andrew Stanton breaks down … Continue reading