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Jester Production update #1

So the kickstarter campaign was ‘unsuccessful’. I’m using quotes because I don’t see it as a failure as we were still able … Continue reading

New music video from Taylor Bonin.

I helped Taylor out on this music video. It was… messy. Clean up took longer than the shoot itself. MTV Hive has … Continue reading

Update #4- The end of the beginning.

It has been just over a year now since I heard music for the first time ever… and what a ride it … Continue reading

2013 Photography Portfolio

Some of my favorite photographs from the first half of 2013. Shot on Leica r4 film camera. (35mm, 50mm) Enjoy! Click here … Continue reading

Live google hangout Monday 5/20

If anyone wants to tune in, I’ll be on a panel along with Tommy Edison discussing the common stereotypes that surround ‘handicapped’ … Continue reading

New Hollywood

We’re in a shifting market right now. Classical Hollywood marketing, financing, production and even distribution have radically changed over the past couple … Continue reading

Good reads.

Here’s a list of my favorite recent articles, enjoy. Interview with Larry Page, CEO of Google. How Russian scientists domesticated the fox. … Continue reading

Update #2- Pre-16th century music, live shows, dancing, and the sax.

The journey has only gotten crazier. My virgin ears have ¬†been under assault by everything from harmonic operas to screaming metal. The … Continue reading

Update #1- The new world of music.

The other day at work, my friend gave me a CD. It was ‘A Night at the Opera’ by Queen… I was … Continue reading