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Jester Production update #1

So the kickstarter campaign was ‘unsuccessful’. I’m using quotes because I don’t see it as a failure as we were still able … Continue reading

New music video from Taylor Bonin.

I helped Taylor out on this music video. It was… messy. Clean up took longer than the shoot itself. MTV Hive has … Continue reading

Port Au Prince

I shot the above video while in Port Au Prince. The montage primarily showcases the children of Haiti because I was at … Continue reading

The Growlers- “One Million Lovers” Music Video

Shot this for our good friends, The Growlers. More music videos to come- Share! Tweet

New Hollywood

We’re in a shifting market right now. Classical Hollywood marketing, financing, production and even distribution have radically changed over the past couple … Continue reading

The Growlers- “Someday” Music Video

I shot this music video in one day while on a US/Canada tour with the Growlers. The location is Belle Isle in … Continue reading


From my recent trip to Bali, Indonesia. All pictures shot with Leica R4. Alex Knost | Bali x Costa Rica from RVCA … Continue reading

Soundtrack contest open for voting

The entry period for the soundtrack contest has ended and we have two competitors. They’re both below- the video with the most … Continue reading

Sky-diving cats and a guy on a buffalo.

I know some of you are waiting for update #3, it has been done for a while now but I keep finding … Continue reading