Free 35mm film grain plugin

Gorilla Grain has a free (actual) scan of 35mm film over on their site that you can download and apply to any footage. I threw it on my aerial reel and love it, just needs some more tinkering. (Didn’t apply to individual shots, just the whole thing… I think I should grade each shot individually for better results with this plugin, I’ll post a better test with this plugin soon)

See for yourself-

Another example from the maker himself:

Download link- 35mm film scan.

There’s also a new promo/plugin that teams Gorilla Grain up with CineLook that gets you both plugins for $99 dollars. (Each costs $69 so you’d save about $40 dollars)

But wait, it gets better… Just until this Monday (Dec 19th) you can enter the code cinelook3481 for another $20 dollars off. That was the final straw, ordering my copy now.

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2 comments on “Free 35mm film grain plugin

  1. Thanks!
    Another free 35mm film grain footage:
    In addition, there is a free pack of light leaks:

  2. nykvist on said:

    Holy grain has a big variety of film scans from 35mm, 16mm, 8mm film and it is inexpensive unlike other fake, noisy compressed plates. Try this free 35mm film grain scan .

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