Leica is finally jumping into the digital cinema game

I’ve been waiting years… ever since Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, and Sony gave all their DSLRs video mode, I’ve been waiting for Leica for their answer but it never happened… until now.

According to reps, the new M10 rangefinder will most likely have video mode. This is all we know for now but we can take some educated guesses. (estimated release is this September)

Educated guess #1- It will cost over 7 grand. Look at the previous generation- the M9 with a $7k price tag… some people don’t understand the price but Leica is a company that has a religious following and a untarnished reputation for quality.

Educated guess #2- 1080p 60fps. By the time September rolls around this will almost be a standard feature… even now the $600 sony nex 5n has it. Plus the Leica V-LuX 2 had 1080i 60fps. Obviously this would include 1080p 24/30fps and maybe¬†even at 2k resolution. Hey the blackmagic can do it at the price of $3k.

Educated guess #3- No rolling shutter. The Leica M9 houses a CCD sensor which sets it apart from the CMOS sensor found in practically all the other digital cameras. What’s good about the CCD sensor is that it has zero rolling shutter. If the Leica M10 does have video mode and a CCD sensor chip then this baby will be immune to all rolling shutter and the perfect camera for aerial cinematography due to its small form factor.

Educated guess #4- M mount not R mount. Sadly Leica has been catering to the M mount crowd the past couple years and looks to continue this trend. I wish they would make both cameras, one for R mount and one for M mount… the M mount version could be the smaller one and the R mount could be bigger. The main difference between M and R leica mount is size/price. Take for example, the 35mm… on ebay the average for the 35mm R is about 800 dollars but the 35mm M is around $2k. Optically, I think they are about the same but all the M mount glass are tiny, made to fit snuggly on the small rangefinder cameras.

But hey, you can just use a simple adapter .

Educated guess #5- This will be small. Look at the size of the previous incarnations of the M line… The M8, and the M9 are both tiny compared to the bulky dslrs of canon or nikon.

What about you, what are you guessing? Will you be holding out for this?

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