My favorite TED talks

I’m addicted to Sometimes I would go on a binge and watch for hours… Terrible I know.

Not all ted talks are made equal though. I’m just going to throw up some of my favorites, enjoy!

How to avoid cancer and most of the major diseases/health issues out there.

Ethics and morality as observed in animals. 

The real reason behind the rapid rise in intelligence. 

The ingredients to a beautiful story, as told by the legendary Andrew Stanton.

This man is potentially changing communication and information forever. 

Tiny flying robots that coordinate and build objects together. 

A jet pack that actually works and is controlled by your body’s movements. 

That’s it for now, I’ll throw some more up in the future. Don’t binge on… trust me.

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4 comments on “My favorite TED talks

  1. Gabriela on said:

    Hi! I’m an intern at a non-profit that’s focusing on education across different cultures, and the benefit of doing so through storytelling. I’m looking for some TED talks on any of the following:
    a. How to make a great story
    b. Excellent storytellers
    c. The benefits of storytelling
    d. The power of storytelling

    If any particular websites or TED talks come to mind, it would be excellent if you would post them or send them to me!
    If you can find the time, it would be so appreciated.
    Thank you!
    Gabriela Sotero

    • Austin on said:

      Hey Gabriela,

      Thanks for reading and we have some older posts about storytelling and many new ones coming up. Here’s one that shows how to structure powerful stories-

      Two great sites for storytelling are below-

  2. Gabriela on said:

    Thank you!!

  3. Oscar on said:

    Hey Gabriela, I saw these college kids tell a great story and use video throughout their talk to do so.

    They speak about their experience trying to live on only a dollar a day themselves for a summer. Its pretty fascinating and insightful

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