My hackintosh specs and components

Decided to follow the nofilmschool hackintosh build guide a few months ago… worked out perfectly. I’ve had it for over 3 months and have yet to have a computer crash. One downside of building a hackintosh with these kind of specs is that the speed spoils you… Every single computer you touch will probably be much slower by comparison.

Wanted to write up a full build guide but that will need to wait as I’m editing our newest short film right now… hopefully we can post a detailed build guide soon.

Without further ado, my choice in gear-

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2 comments on “My hackintosh specs and components

  1. Kenya Cross on said:

    Hi Austin,

    Thank you for sharing your build guide. I am seriously thinking about building a Hackintosh. I was wondering, what made you choose the gaming case you chose? Was it style or it the best to use for a build such as you undertook in building your Hack? Is it more preference than necessity or a bit of both? Thanks in advance for answering.


    • Austin on said:


      Good question about the gaming case… I picked it after weeks of searching, what I wanted was a great case at that price point and the Antec DF-35 was the only case in its price bracket that had a removable SSD drive on top.

      As Koo writes in his hackintosh guide, the biggest performance increase you will get today is from using a SSD as your boot drive rather than the standard hard drive. So I love being able to pull my SSD out easily when I’m on the road or whatever.

      The case has been phenomenal to me, the two fans on front have a knob to adjust fan speed without having to open the computer at all and 6 hard drive bays is more than plenty.

      Another selling point of the Antec DF-35 is that it includes a 2nd panel on the back to hide all my wires, my hackintosh looks clean with nearly no wires prodding out.

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