My name is Amanda Todd

This is heart wrenching but a video that painfully reminds us of the consequences that are born from bullying.

As you probably guessed, she took the advice of her peers and committed suicide three days ago, on Oct 10th, 2012.

What kills me about this is that it wasn’t an accident that took her life. It was entirely preventive, if just one person had reached out to be a friend.

The social media has given us more power to connect but on the dark side of the coin it has also provided bullies with a larger stage for their negativity.

Facebook, Twitter, etc etc has made it so easy for anyone to spread hate with a few keystrokes. I love spoofs and fake pages but not when they’re pushing someone down rather than up.

Kind campaign has been actively working to prevent these kind of scenarios but they can only do so much on their own, it ultimately lies on the power of numbers. If enough of us worked towards breeding a bully-free world it will happen and these horror stories will have beautiful endings.

Amanda Todd, thank you for giving a voice to every guy or girl who found themselves at the bottom. I promise I’ll do my best to prevent the hate that pushed you into this corner.

I hope you will do something too.

Rest in Peace Amanda Todd.

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2 comments on “My name is Amanda Todd

  1. Sarah Marko on said:

    this story makes me cry every time! i miss Amanda! She was so good at singing, and she was so pretty…she just needed a real friend to talk to…i wish i was her friend…she would still be here if that was the case…i love Amanda Todd! #StopH8Start<3

  2. this is a very sad story and i would like to know how i can help others like her. i have friends who are effected by the bullies in our school and they get too stressed and kill them selfs what web sight can i go on to help the teens of our country?

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