Our new short film online, ‘Succor’

Been a long journey.

Rather than throw a bunch of info/stories at you, I’m leaving the comments section open for any curious filmmaker that wants to ask a question about the production process. I’ll respond as quickly as I can.

Shot on Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 7D
and 60D.

Leica 21mm, 35mm, 50mm, 90mm, and 135mm.

ProAm Camera Jib Crane

Arri Lighting Kit

Manfrotto tripod kit

Edited in Premiere, color graded by FCP X, and gorilla gain applied.

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3 comments on “Our new short film online, ‘Succor’

  1. what inspired you to write Succor? The characters here are so dynamic; were they inspired by any real life people you know?

    • Austin on said:

      Thanks for the kind words, I wrote Succor based on the good Samaritan story. I wanted to make a modern re-telling for our generation.

  2. I usually edit all my videos on premiere pro and color correct with luma curves, fast color corrector, and the threeway color wheel on there also. I was just wondering the kind of process you go through with color graded in FCP X. Is fcp more precise with effects? Do you export from premiere and then reexport out of final cut, then bring it to the gorilla cine look and reexport it again? And if you do howto you keep the quality? Also if there are any tips on color grading with FCP X it’d be deeply appreciated. Also amazing short film loved the concept, multiple storylines that played with the comformative way of philological thinking, the whole end in the beginning played in away that no one realized that the actual ending was played in the beginning till the end of the film, and simply lighting set up and stylized framing was stupendous. Great work, story, and overall praise to this short.

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