Brand new contest, $25,000 grand prize winner!

Update- The contest has closed for submissions. We will be selecting the winner, thank you for your stories and for your support.

My story of truly hearing music for the first time ever has spread across the internet and I can’t help but wonder what other life-changing stories are out there waiting to be heard.

Phonak and Artofthestory are excited to announce a brand new contest for those who have stories related to hearing loss. We love the beauty of a good story so the rules are quite simple- write your story about hearing loss and keep it under 500 words. No entry free, contest is open to anyone in the USA or Canada.

We will be producing a short film based on the winning story, also the winner of the contest will receive $25,000.

Good luck and happy writing.

Email submissions to

Click here for the full contest rules… Below is a FAQ for more details-

1.    What is the & Phonak Healthy Hearing Contest?
Beginning December 11, those with inspiring, life-changing stories about hearing loss can go to and share their story for the chance to have it produced into a short film, which will be featured on and Additionally, the winner will receive a $25,000 prize from Phonak.

2.    Who is Austin Chapman?
Austin Chapman is a movie producer who was born profoundly deaf. In August, 2012, he was fitted with a Phonak hearing aid that allowed him to hear clearly and understand music for the first time. He took his story to the internet, where more than 14,000 people commented on it and it caught the attention of international news media. Phonak recognizes that many people have stories similar to Austin, and the hope is that the contest will motivate even more people to seek a hearing solution for themselves.

3.    How do people enter the contest?
Type your submission of a true life story about hearing loss and email it to If a third party is included in your story, the third party must give you written consent to include their information in your submission. All Official Rules are posted on the site.

4.    What is is Austin Chapman’s website, and where we’re hosting this contest. Visit the Healthy Hearing tab there to review the rules and enter.

5.    What type of hearing aid allowed Austin Chapman to hear for the first time?
Austin Chapman was fitted with a Phonak Naida XI that allowed him to hear for the first time.

6.    Do I have to wear Phonak hearing aids to enter the contest?
No, anyone with an inspiring story about hearing loss is eligible to enter the contest.
Contest-Specific Questions
1.    Where will people be able to read my story submission?
Submissions will be posted on and as part of the contest.

2.    How many times can I enter the contest?
Contest entries are limited to one per person.

3.    Can I enter the contest if I don’t have an email address?
All contest entrants must have a valid email address.

4.    Is there an age restriction for contest eligibility?
Yes, all contestants must be 18 years of age or older as of the date of entry.

5.    Are employees and family members of employees of Phonak and/or eligible for entry?
No, employees and family members of employees of Phonak and are not eligible for entry.
6.    Do I give up the rights to my story by entering the contest?
Yes, contest entrants grant and Phonak the rights to their stories, and entrants will not be paid royalties for the use of their story.

7.    What is the contest prize?
The winning story will be chosen by Austin Chapman and a panel of judges and produced into a short film. Additionally, the winner will received a $25,000 prize from Phonak. The winning video will be featured on and

8.    Do I have to purchase a Phonak product in order to enter the contest?
No purchase is necessary to enter the contest. Simply upload your inspiring hearing-loss story to

9.    Does purchasing a Phonak product improve my chances of winning?
No, Purchasing a Phonak product will have no weight on the decision of the winning story. The contest winner will be chosen by a panel of judges based on the following criteria, and the highest scoring entry will be awarded the Grand Prize:
How compelling the story is (20 points)
How it communicates a need to address hearing health (20 points)
How positive/uplifting the story is (20 points)

10.  What happens in the event of a tie?
The tie will be broken in favor of the submission with the higher score for “how compelling the story is”.

11.  Is the Grand Prize transferrable or able to be substituted for cash redemption?
No, the Grand Prize is non-transferrable and not able to be substituted for cash redemption.

12.  When will the winner be notified?
The winner will be notified by 3/15/13. If the winner is unable to be contacted within five days, or if that person waives the right to a prize, the person with the next highest score will be contacted.

13.  I live outside the United States – am I eligible to enter the contest?
The contest may only be entered in or from the 50 United States and the District of Columbia and entries originating from any other jurisdiction are not eligible for entry. 
14.  Can Phonak cancel the contest?
Yes, Phonak reserves the right to cancel or modify the contest if an insufficient number of entries are received that meet the minimum judging criteria.
15.  Can Phonak remove my submission from the website?
Yes, Phonak reserves the right to remove any submission that does not conform to the Guidelines and Restrictions of the contest.

16.  What are the Guidelines and Restrictions of the contest?
The Guidelines and Restrictions are as follows for each submission:
Must not exceed 500 words in length (no character limitation)
Must be in English
Must not contain material that violates or infringes any rights of any other party
Must not disparage Phonak, Austin Chapman or
Must not contain any inappropriate material
Must not contain hateful material
Must not contain unlawful material
Must not contain any personal information except for the entrant’s first name

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10 comments on “Brand new contest, $25,000 grand prize winner!

  1. Just FYI — the hearing aid you’re wearing is a Naida IX, not XI. You should update your post to include more specific details, though, as Phonak’s Naida line includes a whole family of products: Naida S III, V, and IX in SP, UP, and CRT styles. As an audiologist, I think the more specific you are about what worked for you, the higher the quality of information you are passing on to the general public and the better the eventual results for everyone. Thank you for making your story available to others, and a special thanks to you for initiating this contest. Audiologists everywhere will be looking forward to seeing the results of your competition!

  2. Christine Sather on said:

    Is this where we enter are story or do we email it to I’m not seeing an online entry form as the fules specify?

  3. Leone Miller on said:

    when I click on the Healthy Hearing tab nothing comes up as an entry form except this which doesn’t include mailing address etc and the other info. I have the story written.

  4. Dewon Gordon on said:

    I wasn’t born deaf, I lost my hearing six years ago, i was always a type of person who loved to music, now that my hearing is gone, i find myself bored & sometimes stress out. But one thing i love about not hearing, im more on point with life…..i learn more without hearing, i have some many who support me,i love cooking, the sad thing about not hearing, that i will never hear my mom or anyone of my family voices again, i cry so much @ night, my nieces & nephews be talking to me, half of the time i wish i can hear what there saying to me, it’s a hurting feeling to have, but i learn tobe greatful, cause alot of people never got a chance to hear…I THANKS GOD FOR GIVING ME A CHANCE & NOW I’M LOOKING FOR WORK, IT’S EVERY HARD TO FIND A JOB WHEN YOUR DEAF, PEOPLE LOOK @ YOU, LIKE YOU OUT OF PLACE…..BUT I KNOW THE WAY WILL MAKE AWAY FOR ME. I’M A KIND HEARTED PERSON TO KNOW. I STILL TRY MY BEST TO STAY STRONG. FOR ME & MY FAMILY……THANK YOU ALL FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ MY STORY!!!

  5. Bernice Leroy on said:

    I would like to win because my husband cant hear the best and just dont have the money

  6. Kristina Brown on said:

    As a mother of a deaf baby and the wife to a deaf husband, this an awesome opportunity!


    I, Sri Ardhendu Sekhar Chakraborty, aged about 55 yrs. is a complete deaf person. My right ear is dead, and left ear bears only 3% hearing capacity. I am using a powerful hearing aid (Siemens-313 BTE). I get only some sounds. But can not understand any language. The nerve of cochlear of inner ear is completely dead. Doctors prescribed me for cochlear implant. It will take 10 -11 lac money. Impossible by me as because I came from a poor family. I used to do my official jobs with the help of my office employees. They inform me what is to be done in written. i USED TO FOLLOW LEAF READING And I used to do accordingly very sincerely. I obey my family and official duties with the help of my sixth sense. I am egarly waiting for a BETTER AND MUCH POWERFUL HEARING AIDS BY WHICH I SHALL BE ABLE UNDERSTAND LANGUAGES.THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND AWAITING FOR A BETTER NEWS. THANKS TO ALMIGHTY GOD FOR GIVING ME SOME ANOTHER SENSE. I TRY TO KEEP MYSELF STRONG AND ENGAGED MYSELF IN WORKS AT HOME AND MY OFFICE. I HEAR , NOT WITH MY EARS, BUT WITH MY SIXTH SENSE…ASC

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