Port Au Prince

I shot the above video while in Port Au Prince.

The montage primarily showcases the children of Haiti because I was at several orphanages helping out and delivering food/supplies. It was a harrowing experience to say the least.

I met many wonderful folks while abroad. There was a deaf community that formed after the earthquake. Half the town is hearing; most of them know sign language so all their houses and farms are built and maintained by hearing and deaf hands. The photograph below with the colorful houses is the community. They have just started a deaf education program. More to come in a upcoming mini-doc.

Below are my favorite film photographs from the trip.

This is Albert. (also seen in last shot of my Haiti montage) He was found half dead on the streets a year ago. Albert is deaf and has never been taught sign language or any other form of communication. I was able to achieve basic communication with him using gestures and drawings/pictures. Albert is 18 years old. I brought some other Haitian deaf friends over to meet him because I wanted him to see what was possible with sign language. Albert refused to make eye contact with anyone and became extremely afraid. After I led them away, I realized that he had been tortured by someone in the past, most likely a black adult. This was probably the hardest part of Haiti for me because it hit home how lucky I am having been taught how to write, talk, and above all- sign.


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