Submit your story here.

My story of hearing for the first time ever has spread like wildfire across the internet.

It was a great surprise for me but I can’t help but think what other inspiring stories are out there waiting to be heard?

I’ve wanted to do this for a while now and the timing couldn’t be better… It’s quite simple: You write a non-fiction story and email it to me.

I will post the best of the best here. It can be inspiring, funny or simply thought-provoking. There’s no real parameter except for quality.

Email with the subject line- “Story submission”

If your story is accepted then I’ll email you for additional content like pictures and such.

Happy writing!

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5 comments on “Submit your story here.

  1. great idea Austin! I’m gonna think of something to submit :)

  2. James S. on said:

    It might be a little over-whelming for you, but I suggest “Rhythm is a Dancer” by Snap!, and “Someday” resung by Harajuku a dance version and a little harder to find.

  3. Estela on said:

    Thanks for asking for suggestions, so now we are part of your story. When you have the time, with no rush, take some minutes to listen to Beatriz Pichi Malén, she sings in mapuche o mapudungun (‘el hablar de la tierra’ ¨the talk of mother earth¨, still spoken today in Chile and Argentina). I suggest the CD PLATA (Silver), this is her site
    Let the wind take you to a world of sweet sounds!

  4. Mac Temane on said:

    I am looking for hearing equipment for the deaf around the world to hear the
    Music that we produce.
    My music label Masingita Sounds busts of a number of Artists committed to
    This course.

    We have Classical and Afro Jazz among others

    Can somebody tell us of the technology we can use?


    Mac Temane

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